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Monday, August 07, 2006

How to Learn Spanish

How to learn spanish

No need to worry if you are intimidated by how to learnspanish. You would be surprised that how to learn spanish just isn'tas difficult as it seems. Frankly it is one of the easiestlanguages to learn.

I'll bet that you know how to learn spanish much faster thanyou realize. Spanish is a very useful language to learn asit is the world's second most popular language. I don't think it is fair to describe learning any languageas easy but if it's any comfort, there are several hundredEnglish words that are virtually identical in Spanish - soyou already know a lot of Spanish vocabulary!

There are many ways to learn spanish...you can take a classat the local university, buy a book, purchase a softwarepackage, or even hire a tutor. All of these methods willteach you how to learn spanish.

Here are a few tips that you should be aware of:

Do not be intimidated by learning spanish. As I said above, it is a relatively easy language to learn, plus it is thesecond most popular language in the world. Many people havefaced the same dilema that you face now. Be prepared that Spanish grammer is much different thanEnglish. Word combinations are different than what you areused to, but it will make sense after a little practice.

Much like English, there are thousands and thousands ofwords that you could learn. However the good news is thatyou only need to focus on a few hundred to learn Spanish andbe fully conversational. Don't worry about trying to learnthem all...you will never need them.

I have learned several languages over the past few years andI have learned a few of these tips along the way. I willcontinue to post tips to my blog for everyone that desires to learn Spanish.

how to learn spanish


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